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Noted author and Central Pa. Fire Historian           Dave Houseal's books are available through the museum store.

Morton (1992) Soft Cover, History of Harrisburg's     Morton Truck& Tractor Co.                     $ 5.00

History of The Harrisburg Volunteer Fire Dept. (1999) Soft Cover,                                 $ 15.95

WE CAN SEE IT FROM THE BRIDGE (2005) (2011)        Dave's first real "classic" Unfortunately the hard cover version is sold out, But a new trade paperback reprint is available    $ 24.95

WE GOT'EM ON POINT (2008) A great continuation of more of the great stories told in BRIDGE still available in hard cover.                                            $ 24.95

THEY COME IN THREES  (2011)  More short stories  with an emphasis on Dave's volunteer " Career"    Available in hard cover                             $ 24.95


     Filling out our shelves

Four decades ago when the now busy Harrisburg suburban Progress Fire Company would only catch three or four runs a month, the leadership was in the process of a major recruiting drive.  The older officers saw a need to get young blood into the company. This push, resulted in upwards of fifteen to twenty young men becoming Progress firemen in the late Sixties and early Seventies.  Back then the company didn't run automatic fire alarms, vehicle crashes or EMS assists so the majority of those couple of runs a month were generally working fires of some nature.  When the young lads missed a fire back then it was a real let down and might be a week or two until the next actual run.  And when they mopped around the firehouse just waiting for that elusive call, veteran fireman Bob Houseal had two stock cliches he would always roll out: "Don't worry boy there will always be another one," and "they come in three."  Since Dave's long awaited new book will be his third hardbound volume of tales of the Central Pa. fire service,  he felt it appropriate to use one of his dad's old sayings, "They Come In Threes" as a great title.  

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    "Dave is currently working a new book for a future publication date. (Late 2013) If you want to read more of his work, he normally writes the feature article in the Fire Museum News, our bi-monthly newsletter only available to those members of the Pa. National Fire Museum.


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