PNFM Board Of Directors
The following Museum members were elected to serve as your officers at the Annual Meeting held on the second  Saturday of January, 
Name E-Mail Position Expires
 Dave Warren Jr.    January, 2018
Dave Houseal President January, 2018
John Wagner 1st Vice President January, 2017
Oliver Wagner Jr. Treasurer January, 2016
 John Bruetsch ( Secretary January, 2017
Albert Lorence Newsletter Editor January, 2018
Larry Cook   January, 2017
Brian Enterline   City Rep  
Dave Houseal Historian January, 2018
John Wagner Special Events & Ways and Means January, 2017
Richard Lenker 2nd Vice President, Building & Web page January, 2017
Donald Deitz   January, 2016
Darlene Deitz   January 2018
Earl Cunningham     January, 2017
 John Bruetsch (  Exhibit January, 2017
      January, 2016
Rick Wertz     January, 2016
Linda Wertz     January, 2016
Julie Bruetsch   January, 2017  



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