PNFM Board Of Directors
The following Museum members were elected to serve as your officers at the Annual Meeting held on the second  Saturday of January, 
Name E-Mail Position Expires
 Dave Warren Jr.   President January, 2015
Dave Houseal 1st Vice President January, 2015
John Wagner 2nd Vice President January, 2017
Oliver Wagner Jr. Treasurer January, 2016
 John Bruetsch ( Secretary January, 2017
Albert Lorence Newsletter Editor January, 2015
Larry Cook   January, 2017
Brian Enterline   January, 2017
Dave Houseal Historian January, 2015
John Wagner Special Events & Ways and Means January, 2017
Richard Lenker Membership, Building & Web page January, 2017
Donald Deitz   January, 2016
Darlene Deitz   January 2015
Earl Cunningham     January, 2017
 John Bruetsch (  Exhibit January, 2017
      January, 2016
Don  Konkle   January, 2015
Rick Wertz     January, 2016
Linda Wertz     January, 2016
Julie Bruetsch   January, 2017  



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