Permanent exhibits

Gamewell Alarm System


The Gamewell alarm system is from the city of Johnstown, Pa.  The system was installed in Johnstown's city hall in the early 1920's.
The alarm room also includes the Dauphin County Fire Dispatch Console that was in service during the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island in March of 1979.

This working exhibit allows visitors to pull the alarm box and transmit alarm tones that sends a signal to the through the  alarm system that will ring in stations announcing  the alarm.

Parade Hats


 The museum has one of the largest parade hats display.  Parades were an integral part of the volunteer firemen's life.  On parade, the firemen put aside their "work helmets" and donned their handsomely painted, pressed felt hats. 

1792 Hand Pumper


 The 1792 hand pumper was built by Richard Mason of Philadelphia.  The "Enjine" is a single-deck, end stroke, two-piston hand pump capable of discharging about 150 Gallons per minute through the gallery pipe atop the compression chamber. The engine is not suction equipped, meaning that water had to be dumped into the wooden box by buckets or through another hose. 

Memorial Wall


The memorial plaques are made from 1 3/4" brass expansions rings that have been cut, pressed flat, and engraved, in remembrance to those that have died in the line of duty.



The museum has almost 3,000 patches on display from Fire Companies through out the United States.  Visitors are welcome to bring a patch from their Fire Department and the museum will proudly add it to our display. 

Parade Apparatus


Two original Harrisburg Fire Apparatus.  Engine 16, 1947 Mack, originally from Pleasant View Station.

Ladder 2, 1935 Mack, from Allison Hook and Ladder.